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Distinguished and Famous people from Gulf Savannah

  • Woody Island

    Woody Island, located within the Gulf Savannah region, is known for its unique flora and fauna. It is a significant breeding ground for several bird species, including the threatened Buff-breasted Button-quail and Gouldian Finch.

  • Kronosaurus Korner

    Kronosaurus Korner is a renowned paleontological museum located in Richmond, a town near Gulf Savannah. The museum exhibits an extensive collection of fossils, including the remains of prehistoric marine animals such as the Kronosaurus, a giant marine reptile.

  • Matthew Flinders

    Matthew Flinders was a celebrated English navigator and cartographer who explored the Gulf of Carpentaria and the coastline of northern Australia. He is credited with being the first person to circumnavigate the Australian continent. Flinders also made significant contributions to the mapping and naming of various regions within Australia.

  • Frederick Walker

    Frederick Walker was an explorer and Aboriginal liaison officer who played a crucial role in exploring and opening up the Gulf Savannah region in the mid-19th century. He accompanied several expeditions and surveys, providing valuable assistance and knowledge about the local environment and Indigenous cultures.

  • Dame Quentin Bryce

    Dame Quentin Bryce, born in Ilfracombe near Gulf Savannah, is an Australian lawyer, academic, and former Governor-General of Australia. She became the first woman to hold the position of Governor-General in Australia, serving from 2008 to 2014. Bryce has actively advocated for human rights, equality, and the empowerment of women throughout her career.

  • Bob Katter

    Bob Katter is an Australian politician who represents the federal electorate of Kennedy, which includes Gulf Savannah. He is known for his distinctive cowboy hat and for advocating for the interests of rural and regional Australia. Katter has been a Member of Parliament since 1993, initially as a member of the National Party and later as the leader of his own political party, Katter's Australian Party.

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